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Behind the Lens

Hello everyone

My name is John and welcome to Indian Peaks Photography, a gateway to photographic style and originality. As your photographer you should know that I love to capture all of the diverse events that life throws at us, whether they are family, friends or beautiful occurrences in nature. I portray these situations by putting in every effort that maximizes their beauty through my photography.

From a very early age I loved all kinds of artistic disciplines, but I found something very special in photography that the other fields did not have; the ability to capture the spirit of the moment while preserving it for the future, like a time machine. The advent of the digital age has enabled me to have a complete set of new opportunities, to present this artistic expression that I love, to a much wider audience and client list. (It also gives me plenty of chances to buy cool new photography gadgets.:) ).

I am a very hands on kind of guy and it is my responsibility to make every image I take a breathtaking, beautiful work of art. I want people to look at your images hundreds of years from now and feel the emotional moments that have been captured. Every image I present to a client is personally touched by me and developed in a style that combines the subject’s personality and my eye.

Now that you are here, please take a look through my galleries and see the diverse nature of my work. Beautiful family portraits, the wonder of nature or the fun storytelling through some Cosplay, these galleries reflect my passion and professional ability.

Please feel free to contact me for more information by using my email,, and get a full list of services.

Again thanks for stopping by

John Marszalek

Welcome to Indian Peaks Photography!  I am here to provide you with capturing life as it happens.  Be it portraits, cosplay, or life events, let me work with you on making sure you have the best photos that reflect that special time in your life.  Please take a look through my galleries, and contact me for more information on the services I can offer.  Thanks for stopping by my website, and hope to hear from you soon!<br />
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John Marszalek